Amboise Castle or Clos Lucé
Route duration : 3 h 00

Visit time included : 2 h 00
From 1 to 4 passengers : 235 €

Amboise Castle + Clos Lucé
Route duration : 6 h 00

Visits & Lunch time included : 5 h 00
From 1 to 4 passengers : 350 €

Rates are indicated from Blois. We can drop you in from your hotel, please contact us.

Amboise Royal Castle, Clos Lucé

From Amboise castle, you will get a wonderful view on Loire river. Amboise was built during 15th and 16th centuries, kings such as Louis XI, Charles VIII, Louis XII et François 1rst lived, fought, loved and died there (as Charles VIII). Leonardo Da Vinci is buried in Amboise castle but died (1519) very close from there, in Clos Lucé (10 mns by walk from the castle). Leonardo Da Vinci lived his last 3 years in Clos Lucé (built in 1471).

Amboise castle and Clos Lucé get wonderful furniture, paintings, tapestries. In Clos Lucé you’ll feel as Leonardo Da Vinci’s guest. The genius of the Renaissance style is not so far …and you’ll meet him on video in Clos Lucé. Don’t hurry up and save time to visit his peaceful park.